Who am I?

The awesome marketing universe - Samuel Isaacs Creative

Hello, thanks for coming onto my website.

I'm Samuel, a creative entrepreneur that has an interest in bringing your dreams to life. Whether that's a new business you'd like to start or a new website, I like using my skills and expertise to help people with their business and online presence. But Sam, what fueled this drive of yours to help people?

Well, I'm glad you asked Sam. It all started when myself and a friend of mine started a community online radio station called Radio Bicester. When we first decided to set up this station we required a lot of help and assistance with a variety of work including building our content, our marketing and our digital presence. After working with several local professionals, we couldn't find what we required, so we decided to create everything ourselves. I took ownership of the marketing and digital tasks and my colleague took ownership of the video and radio side. Once Radio Bicester was up and running, I started getting some clients, through local channels and word of mouth. Tada! Samuel Isaacs Creative was born.

Alongside my freelance and speaking work, I am still the Managing Director of Radio Bicester and it's new growth partner Oxon Media. These two organisations are going from strength to strength reaching a massive online reach through their various online content channels.

I'm also a Trustee of Oxfordshire charity, Oxfordshire Youth, where I assist in the governance of the charity alongside focusing on how the youth sector in Oxfordshire can involve the digital world with its developments. This is something I am very proud of and happy to be a part of.

I have 3 A Levels, one in computing, 13 GCSEs and have completed 4 Online University Accredited Courses. I've also been on a variety of those digital marketing seminars in London, that everybody attends for the free lunch and am currently a member of the Google Campus in London.

To date, I have worked with 42 Businesses throughout Oxfordshire, 4 in London and 5 in the rest of the UK. I have also worked with 8 companies in Europe.

I'm very lucky to have all the digital skills in one, including PPC / PPI advertising, Social Media Advertising, Website Design, Graphic Design, Video Production, Sound Production, Copywriting, Managment, Sales, Marketing Methods, InBound Marketing, Salesforce, Salesforce Marketing, MailChimp, HubSpot Marketing, HubSpot Sales, Business Connectivity, Business Communications and much much more.

So that's me! I hope we can work together soon.