I care about data

I am a bit of a privacy nerd, I really care about my own digital footprint and what my data means. I am proud to admit that I am probably one of the only people that has read some of the internets biggest sites privacy policies. This care and consideration for my own data translates into the work that I do for and with my clients.

The following information is captured when you are on my website:

Google Analytics: I have recently discovered that Google Analytics is storing user based data into its own servers to display advertisements to you across the Google experience and web. Because we know this is annoying and a little bit creepy at times, I have made the decision to move away from Google Analytics over to my own version of PIWIK. PIWIK sits on our own secure cloud-based server and is set up to register a visit on one of our websites as a unique visitor ID, hiding your IP address and personal information and not displaying advertisements to you based on your internet usage!

Contact Forms: Our contact forms are custom built with PHP and all the information submitted is used to process an enquiry or a survey.

Newsletter: You will only receive my newsletter, if you have given me written permission to do so over email. We use MailChimp to send emails across to you. Please find MailChimp's privacy policy here: MailChimp's Policy

Data Policy: Emails that contain sensitive information will be deleted 7 days after the received date, this could include client passwords and information including billing. No passwords are saved in my browser by default and my browser cache is cleared out ever day.

I aim to encrypt all of the data I have on my clients. To do this, I use an encrypted note system and an offline CRM called Vipor. The hard drive with the Vipor database on is encrypted and secure, if compromised, the hard drive can also be deleted remotely.

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