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Website Design should not be complicated...

In this ever changing digital world, website design should not be complicated, in fact as technology evolves it should be simpler. Tools like and Moonfruit, make it easy for anybody to make and design their own website.

I’m guessing that you are a business owner, marketing manager or IT professional, looking to build a new website or modify an existing one. If i’m correct, this article on website design should help you. I’m Samuel Isaacs, a creative Entrepreneur and digital marketing professional that has 6+ years digital experience in the business to business and business to consumer space. Here are my thoughts on building a new website in .

Beauty is important.

Your new site has to look wonderful, but wonderful in the right way. It’s far too easy to download a theme and style it around your businesses colours and needs. Websites are the online portal for your business, therefore if you are really serious about marketing your business online, which happens to be the biggest area of growth for most businesses, then you need to create an environment that is perfect for your customer.

Put yourself in your customers shoes, what would you like to feel and experience when shopping, learning or visiting your website? When you know the answer, get started! This is by far the best way to build a new website, or amend an existing one. My favourite example of this is Amazon… Jeff Bazos simply wanted to create an online book store that would allow you to buy books from the internet. Where are they today?

Functionality is your friend.

So you’ve identified and developed your initial requirements for your sites visuals, now over to the user interface. User interface, basically means: how your users interact with your website. First off, make sure your website is mobile responsive, this is key in . Making a mobile responsive site is also incredibly easy with modern technology, Wix and other online ‘build your own website’ sites allow you to create a mobile responsive website, which is great. Once you’ve ticked this box, you can move on to more pressing matters…

10 Questions to ask your website designer / agency.

Website Design Checklist

Find out how to get the best out of your brand new website, with this downloadable PDF. Learn about some of the key things your new website needs to do to ensure sucess.

How it works is so important to your users. In your initial design research you have outlined what your website should look and feel like for your customers. Building on from this, now you need to think about how your website links in to your sales plans. What is your customers journey, and what will happen to them if they buy a product off of your website? What will happen if they make a request to find out more information and contact you? These are all important questions… my downloadable PDF '10 Questions to ask your website designer / agency' outlines all of the things you should look at when thinking about this, as well as providing some examples. You can download that for free on this page.

Whilst Wix and other websites are great at building a basic site to get you going, if you are serious about developing your business, this is where you need an expert to help. So, here’s the tricky part, you type in to google: “Website Designers in (My Location)” and hundreds if not thousands of results come up.

Everyone from freelancers to £££££ design agencies appear, now it's a question of who, where, what and why? The problem with the bigger agencies is that they always have a bigger fish that they are working on, so your project sits back of the pile. The problem with the smaller agencies / freelancers is that they are trained and understand marketing practices and know how to design your website. Isn’t this what I need? Yes and no. The most important part of your website is sales. So often a marketer can come in, design, develop and build your site, but guess what, you have a lovely looking site with no success. Why? Because they can’t sell. There is a reason why, marketers do marketing and sales people do sales, but when it comes to your business, organisation or project, you need sales!!!

So what do you do?

Well… what if I told you there were a select few marketers that were salespeople as well? You’d bite my hand off… with the opportunity to get them to work on your project… please don’t bite my arm off.

I’m Samuel Isaacs, and I run Samuel Isaacs Creative, a freelance agency that specialises in sales and marketing put together. I’ve got a series of success stories and the creative skillset to get your website selling more for you… ready to boost your sales? Get in touch.